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Name: Floweregg
Age: 3 months, will stop aging at 4 months
Appearance: Fluffy white puppy, about half an arm's length.
Occupation: Pet to Siiri Pulkkinen

Full Application: Linked here.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo- Tier 1 Sentience (due to meeting Åsa and Siiri first)
2nd Echo- Tier 2 (February) The ability to read and speak English on the level of a 5-year-old (very slow reading, limited vocabulary).
3rd Echo- Tier 1 The memory of receiving this name for the first time. Or, in other words, the knowledge that Siiri and Åsa's first dog was her former self.
4th Echo- Tier 2 (July) The ability to understand and speak, write and read all types of Swedish that were used in the last 500 years, all on the level of a child.
5th Echo- A memory of Romania: What he looks like, what he sounds like, and that his name is Romania.

Notes: Combo character with [personal profile] hustru
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Player: Kira
Contact: aim: janteslaw / plurk: narwa
Hiatus from the 24th, so I've been trying to not start new threads after the middle of the month and was relatively successful.

Character: Sweden and Floweregg | Siiri Pulkkinen and her pet puppy
Character Journal: [personal profile] hustru and [personal profile] notbloody
Character's Info/Current Echoes Post: Here and here.
Link to HMD: Here.
Activity Summary: Going downtown during the snake fight to find Åsa, getting separated and finding each other again, and finally Siiri getting almost killed and being healed by Akito. They've been around and trying to prepare themselves better next time since.
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Character: Ymir | Blaine Frost
Character Journal: [profile] siesindasessen
Character's Info/Current Echoes Post: Here.
Link to HMD: Here.
Activity Summary: After having a field trip fighting smaller snakes and generally running around the city freely, she was involved in the defeat of the big snake and then later tried to excape Locke together with Julien, discovering that the effects of the echoes don't actually end behind the city borders anymore.
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Character: Thorir T. Thorsson | Thorin II Oakenshield
Character Journal: [personal profile] disdainfully
Character's Info/Current Echoes Post: Here.
Link to HMD: Here.
Activity Summary: He's been busy with a field hospital type thing and evacuation efforts during the Snake attack, and shortly after that organized a little sparring afternoon to help people and himself with fighting echoes to have something to use next time such a thing happened. Those things aside he took John Smith to the mall after his regeneration.
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Nations like Finland and Sweden can pass a part of their "racial" characteristics over to those that stay close with them for an extended amount of time. This part is, from what we know at this point, nation immortality and human-like sentience. The latter is obviously irrelevant for humans, but the former means in their canon that humans would go mad with this lifestyle in a relatively short amount of time - their brains are simply not made for a long life without aging while everything around them dies (maybe there are other aspects here too, point is that a human would be driven crazy by staying close enough to a nation to be affected by this for a longer time). Animals, however, can take this development and prosper - we know that it works for at least two different kinds of birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and maybe whales. (I requested this curse/ability for Sweden here though I have no heard back about it yet. Technically just being around someone who has at least partial nationhood should cause the above, but I wanted to be safe).

Okay so, sorry for the tl;dr but staying with a nation = sentience and immortality for an animal. Floweregg's preincarnation stay, and thus the beginning of her preincarnation journey towards sentience, started like this (warning, wonky fan translation from before her gender was known, but you get the drift). Finland found her, picked her up and carried her to Sweden (the master of the house) who agreed that they could keep her and proceeded to start the naming process for her.

Reincarnation Floweregg first caught sight of Åsa, who picked her up and carried her over to Siiri who then agreed that yes, she'd take this dog and started the naming process. At the same time as the adoption process starts in similar patterns, Floweregg for the first time encounters (though siginificantly weaker) nationhood (even though none of the involved parties is aware of it), which was the cause for the sentience the first time around.

So the trigger would be: A similar adoption process like the one (starting the living situation) that gave her sentience the first time around.
And the echo would be: The sentience that she had reached four hundred years after that process started.

If the adoption process should not work as a trigger, I think the encounter with "nationhood" could be used as a trigger instead(? The problem here is that none of the involved parties would be aware of it and if only conscious encounters can cause pulses...). Siiri has a small part of her nationhood (a part of the immortality) already, and Siiri and Åsa will regain significant parts of their nationhood (namely the connection to their land) during the season finale.
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OOC Information:
Name: Kira
Are you over 15? Yes
Contact: [ profile] narwa

IC Information:
Name: Floweregg
Canon and medium: Axis Powers Hetalia, webcomic and published manga.
Age: over 400; 2 months.

Preincarnation Species: Dog.

Preincarnation Appearance:

Or all icons of this account. A fluffy, pure white female puppy of indeterminate race.

Any differences: N/A.

Preincarnated History:

Sometime during the 1500s, Finland found Floweregg who had been abandoned in the streets, and brought her home. Since at this time Finland belonged to Sweden, that meant Sweden's house, and after obtaining permission to keep her a name was decided - by way of Finland suggesting and Sweden doing damage control.

She spent the next centuries with Sweden and Finland and was the only contact between the two nations for a while after they separated, though she came to stay solely with Sweden when Finland's relations with his new master Russia worsened. There were repeated attempts to rekindle the shared custody, but those only became more than occasional stays after Finland broke away from Russia. Life wasn't peaceful for the eastern nation even after that, though, and it took until the 50ies before the dog got to take scheduled turns in living with both of them again... And when Finland and Sweden started to spend more and more time at each other's houses again, so did their dog.

Reincarnated History: The owner of Floweregg's mother was a dog owner who cared about and loved her dog dearly; but when she got evicted from her house, she couldn't find a shelter that accepted people with animals, so she had to at least temporarely part with her dog. The pet shelter was a good place, no-kill and well run, and it is there that the dog mother gave birth to four little pups. In accordance with the wishes of her mother's owner (who volunteered at the shelter and thus could still see her dog), the puppies were given up for adoption as soon as they were old enough, and the then nameless puppy was adopted by one Siiri Pulkkinen, who had been encouraged to get herself a pet by her not!girlfriend Åsa Oxenstierna.

First Echo: Åsa was the one to pick her up first at the shelter, though only to hand her over to Siiri. Living with the nations Sweden and Finland, which was the cause for her sentience the first time around, started the same way, with Finland picking her up and carrying her around until he handed her to Sweden. So when the shorter female handed her over to the taller this time around, she suddenly had a lot of concepts, ideas and thoughts in her head that had definitely not been there just moments ago... Plus an odd string of what she could now identify as numbers. For the moment those were pushed away though, because the new people were far more exciting.

Preincarnation Personality:

Floweregg is, first of all, a very well-trained dog. That still shows chiefly in her instinct control - even when everything in her screams to do a certain thing, she will listen to her owners if they tell her to not do it, or do something conflicting with her instincts. She will make her opinions and voice heard, but she won't actively go against her masters' words or even keep arguing their judgment after a certain point. In relation to other humanoids this mainly means that she will never physically attack someone, even in the rare occasions when her temperament would be triggered - not even if her masters do it (this was something that had to be established at some point due to Sweden and Denmark, well, being themselves). It also shows in her having relatively good dog behavior, like not getting on kitchen surfaces but if you are going to leave sausages somewhere else... Yeah.

She can however show rather passive-aggressive behavior, mostly when it pertains to things that others have or get but she doesn't. Those moments are actually fairly easy to decode, if one was inclined to do so - remarks and acts of passive aggression from her end are typically prefaced with her being not a nation or human. She'll for example bring up that she "of course never gets a birthday celebration because she's a dog" when what she wants to have such a celebration (her bad luck is that her owners just don't catch on). She'll also comment to others about things that she dislikes about her owners when it is a constant and grave annoyance, even within earshot of her owners (like for example when it comes to the topic of Finland's cooking and him trying to feed it to her). This isn't so much because she never mentions it to them, but because as a pet who doesn't talk verbally she only has so many options to announce her displeasure, and her nations may just not be getting her hints.

In her household she seems to be the most realistic and well-adjusted one, often acting like the one sane (wo)man (just that she is a dog. See above. So the role falls to Iceland when the Nordics are in a larger group, and when there are only the direct family members such a character just doesn't exist). She also has very keen instincts when it comes to telling that something is off or a danger is approaching, which can lead to rather Cassandric calls. All of this results in her having rather exasperated moments sometimes when dealing with her nations, or other people at that. Due to her being a rather patient character, she'll usually just wait their antics out, unless they get dangerous for the other person (and even then she might have no choice but hope because of her being a pet). While she is not a coward, she, as mentioned, won't attack even an attacker unless specifically told to do so by her owners, and that leads to her rather staying close to others in case of an attack and trying to make the consequences easier on them, than actually do something about them.

She's described as usually behaving in a very friendly/cheerful/calm manner, being sociable/friendly and having a pretty cheerful/happy/bright personality, and when she is nonverbal that seem to be her chief characteristics. This is mostly because most of her other characteristics don't show until she says something, but it's also truly a large part of her personality, along with her genuinely caring about others, her own nations and strangers alike, and hoping for their best (unless you're Russia, probably). She'll help actively with that when she can, be it through advice or actions. She also really likes being in the middle of the action, and will go with her nations on as many (interesting) activities as she can. She'll also usually be there when family times are to be had, because she loves those too. Often, she can be found riding on either Sweden's or Finland's shoulders.

Any differences:

Floweregg has not yet lived for four hundred years, and that makes a world of a difference. Let me count the ways.

She's very truly a puppy still, which makes her a lot more excitable, inexperienced and prone to be a "bad dog". It also means that her instincts for dangerous situations are a lot less refined and her ability to read humans and react accordingly just isn't as strong yet. She'll also be more likely to go physically after someone who attacks her or her humans/nations.

Unlike her preincarnation, this Floweregg has never lived in an unhappy place. Sure, she was born in a shelter, but it was a good place where they were cared for and her mother was around. She's never lived in a house of tense hostility or through a war, has never starved or witnessed people starving, never lived through an air raid, never put a foot on a battlefield etc etc. Nobody has ever really been mean to her. She's never seen her nations/humans/anyone close to her suffer or suffered herself past puppy shots. Obviously her preincarnation didn't let that bring her down, but this Floweregg is more naively cheerful still and will thus be much more firmly impacted by negative experiences and have much less of a clue as to how to react to them.

Due to sentience not having developed gradually for her but having entered her brain at once, she'll have a harder time adjusting to it. Mostly, she'll have more trouble reconciling her dog side and her human sentience side, which will make the way in which she acts more one or the other and less a middle way.


All of Flowereggs "abilities" rest upon her being close to her nations, so all of the points below come with a "as long as she's around her nations".

» Human-like sentience.
» Nation immortality. She can not die, cannot be killed, and doesn't age - basically she is indefinitely a puppy of a few months. This also means that she technically does not need food, drink or sleep to survive, though she'll still crave them.
» The ability to speak to other nation-pets in a human way and indeed communicate with all animals who are intelligent enough for to understand speech.
» The ability to speak "human" and understand it. The ability to speak so far has only been granted to her for one night, but it is likely that she'll soon gain it for good.
» Included in the above are, language wise, at least: Swedish, Finnish, English, and through 4th-wall-breakage Japanese.
» She can read all the above languages, and she could learn to write them as well if presented with an option to physically do it.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: Test drive

Roleplay Sample - Network:

Hello. [There is a fluffy white puppy - really puppy, she can't be older than a few months - peering at the network today.] They brought my mistress into the hospital tonight. Her mate told me that they wouldn't let me into the hospital because I'm a dog [and that reasoning really annoys her; but Åsa didn't tell her to stay put and at home, not exactly, and she will exploit that loophole because she's really concerned here. Also she's been alone ever since Åsa left and it's boring to sit at home alone. Also herself being around has always helped Siiri up until now...], but I need to get there too because her mate said that she would bring her food. And her food is evil.

Can someone smuggle me into the hospital? I'll be very quiet and I'm not heavy or large, either. You can easily carry me!